Critiques Flynn

Mid Western Gundog Open Show 23/02/14

Judge Carole A Coode ( Warringah )

AV Crufts 2014 Yearling Qualifier (14,4) 2 Venables Irish Setter Deevonville Conquistador del Arunset, 23 months male, very pleasing outline, well made through the body,with good masculine head, a little wide in front movement, drove well from rear.

Judge Jean Byrne ( Enryb )

AV Setter/Pointer Yearling (1) 1 Venables Deevonville Conquistador del Arunset, Irish Setter, a top quality exhibit with lots to like about him. Shoulders well laid, deep in chest & well developed hindquarters, presented a balanced outline when stacked, correct tailset & one that moved soundly. Shown in good coat & feathering should have a bright future.

ISBC Sybil Lennox Memorial Open Show 01/12/13

Judge Michelle Webster ( Hooley )

Special Yearling (6,1) 2nd Mr K. & Mrs J. A. Venables DEEVONVILLE CONQUISTADOR DEL ARUNSET 20 month old handsome dog, Full of himself & giving handler a hard time. Different type to 1 & larger build. Well bodied. Nice head & eye. Good reach of neck, shoulders, depth of chest & spring of rib. Well angulated fore & aft, strong loin & rear quarters. Kept topline when moving & moved well, but a longer striding dog, who needs a larger ring to be fully shown to advantage. Unlucky to meet 1.

Coventry & District Gundog Society Open Show 30/11/13

Judge Lynda Fauvrelle ( Fionnlugh )

Graduate (8,1) 1st Venables Deevonville Conquistador del Arunset. Handsome dark coated boy with most pleasing head and eye. Good reach of strong neck down through correct shoulder, ample fore chest and width and depth of chest and well sprung rib. Excellent front and rear angulations, strong over loin and rear quarters and nice let down hocks. Sound and balanced movement holding top line and using his tail while driving powerfully around the ring. I made a note ‘typically Irish’ .Considered for top honours but he gave his handler such a hard time who needs to ‘stay calm and perservere’ . Good luck for the future.

South of England Irish Setter Club Open Show 22/9/13

Judge Bruno Fauvrelle ( Fionnlugh )

Graduate (2) 1 Venables Deevonville Conquistador – A well made dog with good front and rear assembly. Nice shaped  head ,  good spring of ribs and in very good condition . Did not give his best in a strong junior class – a little  sluggish on the move but like the look of him.

Driffield Championship Show 20/9/13

Judge Mrs Leslie Armstrong Rodgers ( Scottsway )

Yearling (6,0) 2 Venables Deevonville Conquistador. An upstanding dog of good size with ample bone and substance. He has a good head with work and correct almond shaped, dark and expressive eye. Moved well once he decided to co-operate with hie handler, as today he was quite a handful. Shown in beautiful coat and condition.

Richmond Championship Show 8/9/13

Judge Mona Hunter (Braidmount)

Junior (15,1) 2 Venables Deevonville Conquistador. more mature than 1 but gives his handler a hard time, well made fore and aft and in lovely coat and condition, nice head with lovely dark eye. Moved well.

Bournemouth Championship Show 11/8/13

Judge Mike Launchbury ( Morchale )

Junior (2,0) 1 Venables Deevonville Conquistador. Pleasing head, good reach of neck and depth of chest would have preferred to see more balance with front and rear angulation moved ok.

Bakewell AS Open Show 8/8/13

Judge Mary Davies ( Zymore )

Junior (18,2) 2 Venables Deevonville Conquistador didn’t move as well as 1st. Nicely angulated front and rear, nice coat. Straight front with good quality bone.

Paignton Championship Show 3/8/13

Judge Gaye O’Connor ( Caispern )

Yearling Dog (7,1) 2 Venables’s Deevonville Conquistador Pleasing make & shape, good front & shoulders. Firm topline moved very soundly.

Irish Setters Breeders Club Open Show 20/7/13

Judge Mrs Margaret Davis ( Lochfrae )

Junior Dog (6) 2 Venables’s Deevonville Conquistador Masculine young lad head and shoulders good forechest and depth to chest kept topline on the move. He was steadier on the move than 1 but preferred winners head and expression.

Evesham & DCS Open Show 14/7/13

Judge Mr Chuck Carter (Copperbrook )

Junior (3) 1 Venables’s Deevonville Conquistador Young Dog with a good head & kind eyee. Straight in front and a good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Body maturing, well angulated rear end and a good coat.

East of England Championship Show 7/7/13

Judge Mr Keith Lewis ( Kegil )

Junior Dog (6,1) 1 Venables Deevonville Conquistador. Promising youngster with all the essentials and at 15 months, maturing nicely. Excellent well-sculptured head with pleasing expression and low-set ears. Good length of correct-arched and well muscled neck into correct lay of shoulder. Satifactory depth of well-ribbed chest. Shows excellent balance fore and aft both when stacked and in his positive movement., the latter giving him the decisive edge today in this class. Lightly-textured coat coming along nicely. He used his tail to pleasing effect on the move. Just needs to body up a little more but time is clearly on his side.

Midland Irish Setter Society Open Show 30/6/13

Judge Mrs Gaynor Myers ( Astrazone )

Junior Dog (6) 1 Venables’ Deevonville Conquistador, loved this youngster head, has good proportions, correct eyeset & typical raised brow, soft yet masculine expression, has everything there that the breed Standard asks for & with maturity the picture should be completed. Handler does tend to overstretch him which can make him look a little straight behind. His correct conformation however does shine through when he moves, covers the ground tidily & efficiently holding a good topline & lashing his tail.

Blackpool Championship Show 22/6/13

Judge Wendy Morley ( Kylenoe )

Yearling Dog (10,4) 2 Venables’s Deevonville Conquistador Litter brother to winner. Built on a larger frame. Pleased in head, over neck and shoulders. good depth, moved well and shown in good coat and condition.

Coventry (Foleshill) DCS Open Show 4/11/12

Judge Jackie Boyd McNeil ( Glenlokhen )

Puppy (3,1) 1 Venables’s Deevonville Conquistador 7 months old litter brothers just preferred overall balance of 1. Pleasing head with a kind eye of correct colour and shape, with that hint of puppy mischief, good through all the basics, just needs time to develop, his footfall was a little unsettled, but it’s early days, presented in good condition with a gleaming coat.